About Marianna

Hi, my name is Marianna...

I've always known how to work hard, that combined with knowing what and why I wanted it, got me pretty far in my life. From figuring out how to come to England and later to the United States during the ninety nineties era, to graduating from College to successfully climbing Corporate ladder… the list goes on. I could do anything. I had all the answers. I was invincible! Until I wasn’t… until working hard stopped working. 

I hit rock bottom. I felt like I was living in someone else’s body. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make it work. Nothing worked. 

But, in every failure there is an opportunity. For me, it was discovering that there is more to life than hassle, more than taking action and thinking big, more than thinking positive, more than changing my mindset… I am not saying that these things aren’t important, nor that they don't work. What I am saying is that there is a bit more to success than perseverance, hunger and taking action… 

Hunger is powerful! Action is powerful! But hunger and taking action is only little over tenth of about total consciousness… 11.1% got me across the ocean from a little country of Slovakia… I wondered, what would happen if I tapped into the rest of my luck? And what would happen if I developed a program on all 12 steps it takes to redefine your life and how many people could I truly help? 

Everything I’ve experienced and all that I’ve discovered became one of the steps I now teach about and use in my consulting practice and it's summarized in my strategy guide: "Accelerate Your Success and Still Have a Life."

If you'd like to learn more, request a FREE copy of "Accelerate Your Success and Still Have a Life", a step-by-step strategy guide on how to accelerate success and create flow & clarity. 

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