Live Online Group Coaching with Coach Marianna

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Join me and other high achievers and life-long learners two evenings per month for Live Online Life Coaching with Coach Marianna. 

The sessions are structures in such a way that the first 20-25 minutes Marianna will  present a topic and the second part, around another 20-25 minutes, she will answer your questions.

How much are the sessions?

Sessions are structured in the form of monthly membership that can be cancelled at any time. Monthly membership includes two live group coaching session per month and live Q&A. The normal price for monthly membership $298 but due to high demand during these uncertain times but also time of new opportunities, the special price is $198, but for the first 100 people there is a SPECIAL deal for ONLY $98. That's over 67% discount and only $49 per session. 

What are the coaching sessions about, what are the topics?

Sessions include practical coaching on topics on communication, leadership, executive presence, career and such, also inward looking, self-discovery topics, as well as mediation, spiritual experiences... everything that will cover all three levels of being, human luck or experience, covering mind, emotions and taking actions, spiritual consciousness and human luck (Feng Shui). So me self-improvement coaches only cover one or maybe a few areas, we focus on all of them depending on the groups' needs and interests. We will also incorporate any specific topic that you may be interested. Specifically, the upcoming scheduled sessions will cover, 1. Communication styles, recognize them and learn how to respond in the way that not only builds rapport but also allows you to influence, 2. How to gain "power" and be recognized as a leader, 3. Discover what holds you back, located and delete that patter so you can move on towards what you truly want, 4. Learn want are your auspicious directions and use that knowledge in everyday life to create the life you want, 5. Why and how to write the goals, how to create simple vision boards, where to put them (hint: your auspicious directions) to truly affect success in all areas of your life.

When and what time are the sessions?

As a rule, the sessions are on Thursdays evenings at 8pm Central time but there may be circumstances that require us to re-schedule. You will be emailed more information once you join.

How long are the sessions?

The session are 45 minutes and up to an hour long depending on how many questions there are. More specifically, the sessions are structured with the first 20-25 minutes covering a topic of interest, and the second 20-25 minutes is allowed for the questions.

How do I join the sessions, is there call in number or a link?

Once you  sign up, you will be emailed information with a link to via which you will be able to join upcoming session(s).

Still have questions?

If you have more questions, email us at

Ready to join us?

Sign up for monthly membership by clicking the button below. If you prefer an invoice, you can email us at us at Once we receive your first payment, we will share all the information you need to join you first coaching session. 

And remember that you can cancel at any time by simply emailing us, no questions asked (even though we always want to know how we ca serve you better.) 

Ready to join us?

Don't miss a SPECIAL deal for the first 100 people now ONLY $49 per session. 

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